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Your Shortcut to Faster Projects
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About IntelliManage

Since 2000, IntelliManage has been providing professional project management consulting services. The company's unique and highly recommended methods and services enables implementation, within short timeframes, of focused solutions that result in immediate and significant improvement of customer performance, coupled with substantial savings of time and money. These solutions include project setup, building and shortening of schedules, coordination between the groups that comprise the project, and skilled accompaniment throughout the project, until it reaches the finish line.
    IntelliManage's major fields of activity:
  • Defining solutions for better management of simple or complex projects.
  • Inter-project planning and coordination, including preparing detailed Gantt charts.
  • PMO implementation (on-going planning and control) as a service that is extremely efficient and cost effective.
  • Improving project management efficiency.
  • Manager coaching.
The company's customers include organizations managing technology, engineering and organizational projects in a wide variety of fields and at various scopes. IntelliManage's professional service provides these organizations with rapid and goal-oriented solutions, with a surprising return on investment (ROI). Even within a short time, a low budget and minimal effort, a company's performance can be dramatically improved.

IntelliManage solutions are implemented by a highly experienced team with inter-disciplinary know-how in project development and management. These solutions are based on extensive practical experience and on the unique IntelliGantt® methodology developed by the company to shorten schedules of complex projects.

IntelliManage solutions are renowned for their rapid implementation ability and their optimal flexibility, enabling customization to each customer's needs - yielding outstanding results within a few working days. Senior executives at start-up companies, as well as well-established organizations, have adopted IntelliManage's professional solutions as a key to a new era of project management, providing unrivaled quality and efficiency.
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  • Swift methodology deployment.
  • PMO Activity setup/upgrade.
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